Tuscany fairytale

Cradle of Renaissance, drenched with inspiring rolling landscapes, ancient Etruscan towns and idyllic roads lined with cypress trees. Tuscany is all this and much more. A world-renowned region where life goes on a slower pace among vineyards, rolling hills and medieval villages. We’re going to experience the essence of Tuscany through the senses, from the sight of awe-inspiring landscapes to the taste of local cuisine and world-class wines.

We’ll wait for the first rays of the day in Val d’Orcia, enjoy the majestic beauty of Pitigliano and Pienza, drive among cypress roads and finally rest in the warm thermal waters of Saturnia.

This tour is an incredible opportunity to immerse in the fairytale atmosphere of this land and grab unique photographs of its finest glimpses.


Day 1 : Arrival

We meet at the Rome intl. airport at 2pm, and after a short get-to-know-you we start our drive to Civita di Bagnoregio, a 2500 years old Etruscan town today considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The uniqueness of its landscape is well summed up by its nickname of “the dying town” that Bonaventura Tecchi gave to the village due to the fragile consistency of the tuff hill on which it resides.
Today home of just 12 resident people, the village is reachable only via a 300m footbridge from the opposite side of the valley, making it an insane photogenic location.
We’ll head to Orvieto for dinner and an evening stroll among its medieval alleys and its majestic cathedral.

Day 2 : San Gimignano & Volterra

After a sunrise session in Civita di Bagnoregio we make our way into Tuscany heading to the northern tip of our trip, to the medieval towns of San Gimignano and Volterra. We spend the day strolling around the narrow alleys of the two towns before heading for sunset to the Balze Cliffs, a natural fascinating phenomenon where chasms have formed due to the erosion of the soil.

Day 3-6 : Val d'Orcia

Now that we have started to enjoy the Tuscan beauties, it is time to immerse ourselves completely in the magic atmosphere of Val d’Orcia, the definitive highlight of our trip.
Part of UNESCO World Heritage site list, in the heart of Siena province, Val d’Orcia is home of the landscapes that are imprinted in our minds as the quintessential image of Tuscany.
Rolling hills, fabulous villas, medieval towns, with cypress trees stealing the scene, marking roads in tidy rows and dotting the landscape.
We’ll wake up way before sunrise to catch the magic of the first light where the long shadows enhance the slopes and a subtle fog makes a fairy-tale atmosphere.
In the same way we’ll make the most out of the late afternoon golden light till into sunset.

We’ll swing through all the iconic top-notch locations that make this portion of Tuscany stands out as a dreamy destination worldwide for photography and tourism, setting our tripods in due time to catch the best conditions for true postcard-like photographs.

Podere Belvedere, Vitaleta church, the famous cypresses grove, the Crete Senesi, Tuscany villas with cypress lined driveways, the medieval hamlets of Pienza and Bagno Vignoni, are just a few of the remarkable locations we’re going to impress in our memory (cards).

And though photography is our focus when the light is more favorable, a true Tuscan experience isn’t complete without a dive in the Tuscan cuisine. So everyday we’ll enjoy a traditional meal with local food and wine that will overwhelm our tastes like the surrounding landscape will overwhelm our eyes.

Day 7 : Pitigliano & Sorano

After the last sunrise it’s time to leave Val d’Orcia and head south to the ancient tuff towns of Pitigliano and Sorano. The sight of Pitigliano is breathtaking, with soaring tuff walls of the best medieval architecture and houses jetting on wild ridges and surrounding lush valleys.
We’ll enjoy the sunset waiting for the magic moment when the natural and artificial lights blend and make a charming scene, before enjoying a well-deserved typical dinner in town.

Day 8 : Saturnia hot springs & return to Rome

Well before sunrise we head to the last location of our trip, the magic Saturnia hot springs where we will take beautiful surreal images among the bluish thermal waters (and eventually a warm bath) waiting for the first light to hit the steams.
We’ll return to our hotel for breakfast and packing stuff before heading to Rome for the last greetings.

Unforgettable mornings, evenings and nights let us tell stories that will be remembered for a long time through our pictures. Today we go home with lots of impressions and photos in the camera.

Tuscany fairytale

From: 01.05.2021
To: 08.05.2021
Days: 8
Price: 2949 €
Single Room Surcharge: 799 €
Language: English
Tour Leader: Marco Bottigelli

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Included in the price
  • Constant assistance and tutoring by Professional photographer
  • Comfortable accommodations in hotels and guesthouses in double room shared
  • Breakfasts
  • Minibus and fuel
  • Entrance fees
  • Travel price protection certificate according to German travel law (§§651r and 651w BGB)
Excluded from the price
  • International flights
  • Visa (if requested)
  • Meals and drinks (except breakfasts)
  • Optional excursions and activities 
  • Single room occupancy
  • Personal expenses 
  • Insurance such as travel cancellation insurance etc.
  • Whatever not listed in “Included in the price”

Tour Operator: Brockmann Photography

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